For Germany:

    The BBZ GmbH always searches for qualified personnel from Switzerland for permanent employment, also working as Globetrotter

    We help in case of staff shortages
    or take over your business for a specified period of time.

    Business location MAINTAL Rhein-Main area, Germany
    We are known as the rapid deployment force from the
    Rhein-Main area for bath attendants etc.

    Occupational areas
    Managing director, departmental manager, shift supervisor
    bath attendant, assistant and lifeguard.

    Places of operation
    Swimming lakes, open air pools, indoor pools, waterparks and adventure pools
    sauna complexes and inland waters, North Sea and Baltic Sea.

The Beer Bäderfreizeit GmbH guarantees expert supervision of your services during the agreed times.

The Beer Bäderfreizeit GmbH guarantees the deployment of carefully selected and adequately trained assistants.

The Beer Bäderfreizeit GmbH only works together with assistants who possess valid qualifications, conforming to the guidelines and laws of the German Republic and Switzerland.

The Beer Bäderfreizeit GmbH takes over your business by request for a specified period of time (from 2 weeks up to one year).

Personnel can be booked based on temporary provision of labour contracts according to Swiss or European law.

Our Terms and Conditions