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The BBZ GmbH is a company that operates in the bath and waterpark industry and offers temporary provision of labour contracts. You can book professional personnel from us for an indefinite period of time until you have found somebody on the employment market who fits to your establishment and your needs. In our company only qualified personnel is under contract. Please talk to us to find out what we can offer for your establishement. When you have difficulties to find the required professional personnel on the free market we help you out in the meantime.

You can book for a complete year or longer, but the shortest contract length is for one month.

If you are satisfied with our personnel a permanent employment is also possible.

Details will be discussed one month before the end of the fixed-term work contract between the two companies.

The BBZ GmbH can also take over your establishment completely or for a limited period of time. Your employees stay under your contract and we obtain the householder's right. As you can see, there are various ways to arrange a contract. (seasonal takeover also possible).

The BBZ GmbH operates swimming baths, saunas and water parks, wellness establishments and beauty farms of all types and sizes in Germany and Switzerland. Personnel with radio transmitter and boating license can be booked for the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and inland waters. We work as a pre-filter for your establishment, please book with us if you are satisfied with our service. We are gladly at your disposal for any further information at any time.


The Beer Bäderfreizeit GmbH has access to the largest movable gaming parcour in Germany and can organize events of any scale and format.


Who are our clients?


The „Beer Bäderfreizeit GmbH“ receives orders from cities, boroughs, public service providers, Sport GmbH, insurance companies, corporate companies and their individual entities. Other customers are the police, the fire brigade, car dealerships and health insurance companies. Savings banks, credit unions and other credit institutions like to book with us during the school holidays.

All the institutions mentioned here organize celebrations frequently, thus our compananies' services are highly sought after.

The BBZ GmbH offers its services in three variants:

A.     Setting up the games parcour, mentoring children during the games and dismounting the games parcour, client is responsible for accident insurance - one day.

B.     Setting up the games parcour, mentoring children during the games with assistants and dismounting the games parcour, client is responsible for accident insurance - one day.

C.     Complete organisation of the event for several days, client is responsible for accident insurance - several days.

The Beer Bäderfreizeit GmbH company plans and executes its plans, where others make no headway.


Who is the target audience?


We work with childrenvom from age 5 on to seniors, who still feel fit enough for taking part in leisure time games .

There are no health-related restrictions; we are also booked by disabled and handicapped customers.



Where are the venues?


The venue where the games are set up and supervised is provided by the customer. The customer also takes care of inspecting and insuring the chosen terrain.


Duration of the event:


Each event per day starts at 8oo and lasts until 18oo o'clock when the winner of the first price is announced.

These times can be modified for events lasting more than one day.


Number of visitors per event:


Our experience in the past shows that if our marketing efforts fully suceed between 3,000 and 5,500 visitors per day can be expected at the venue.

If the main event is organized by others and we are just accompanying them, we can also profit from the stream of visitors of the other event and vice-versa.




PS: Should you ever consider to sell your bath into private hands, please feel free to contact the„Beer Bäderfreizeit GmbH“


Beer Bäderfreizeit GmbH


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